What: Senior Scholarship Auditions-$1,000 scholarship.

When: Wednesday, May 15th at 4:00PM

Where: Wando Chorus Room

Who: Senior Wando Chorus Members that fit the scholarship criteria. Please read the Scholarship materials.

Deadline to Apply: Wednesday, May 14th.  Please email all materials to Mr. Wilkinson or bring to the chorus room. [email protected]

Scholarship Application Materials

Please print submit these 5 items.

1. Scholarship Cover Page: Wando-Chorus-Senior-Scholarship-Cover-Page-1

2. Wando Chorus Senior Scholarship Application Please print this and complete the questions.

3. Judges form:  Vocal Solo Adjudication Form   Please fill out the top part of the form. Name, repertoire etc.

4. Student Resume

5. Recommendation from Academic Teacher