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Wando Choir Class Placements           2019-2020 


  • You are all Wonderful!! We are so happy to have EACH of you in Wando Chorus. We want to continue to teach you how to be a better musician and better person! For that reason you need to trust us when we have the choir placement for you.
  • If you love to sing, we hope that you stay with Wando Chorus no matter what your choir class placement. There are no bad choirs and Wando, and there are no bad choir teachers at Wando. Know that you are a part of an amazing choir program. Make the most of it! You can have a great year no matter what choir you are in. It is all about your approach and having a positive attitude. 
  • Please do not call, text, Shapchat, Instagram, shout etc. results. Let each person view the results for themselves. BE respectful.
  • If you would like specific feedback from your audition, please schedule a time to meet with a Wando Chorus teacher.
  • Click Here for 2019-2020 Choir Class Placement.










After the Spring Concert students will begin their individual placement tests for next year’s choir placement.
All current students need to complete the placement test.

Placement Tests will take place May 9th- 24th.

Please refer to the Placement Test Packet for all information.

Copy of 2019 Placement Test Packet:Placement Test 2019

“Alleluia”  Practice Tracks

Soprano 1

Soprano 2


Sight-Reading Practice:

Tonal Dictation:

Tonal Patterns- 55 examples for test

Practice Session 1

Practice Session 2

Practice Session 3

Practice Session 4

Practice Session 5

Practice Session 6

Practice Session 7

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